Soldex Fee Policy


Soldex Swap is a permissionless contract where everyone can create a pool. The fees below are related only to the pools created by Soldex team:

Soldex SOLX/SOL Pool: 6A9X8MMLDuyN5oXtTzjEsWjC15P5pNyJpJQCF6mpZokT

Soldex SOLX/USDC Pool: 2BmHpbNrH7j71KqttzopstWmtu3NfXvf7Bxj16HrDsMv

Swap fee: Every time a user swaps between a pool, a 0.25% fee is taken on the trade, where 0.20% goes to LPs and 0.05% to Soldex treasury.

There are no deposit and withdrawal fees for pools.

Jupiter aggregator

Jupiter SDK is a part of Soldex Protocol. Jupiter is a leader that can provide sources of liquidity in the Solana network with ease. Also, it supports multiple routes to fetch the best price for a user.

Soldex takes from 0% to 0.05% fees to the Soldex treasury address.


Soldex is not one of the "no fee" exchanges but charges 0.05% per transaction regardless of whether you are a maker or a taker. They call this a liquidity fee of each trade, paid to the liquidity provider as a protocol incentive. Coming soon.

Create a permissionless pool

We prepare a public <instruction> to create a pool in Soldex Swap Program. Soldex web client reserves the right not to include all pools on its list. To be included in the Soldex web client interface, your pool needs to follow the following rules:

  1. Add 0.05% of trading fees to Soldex Treasury Address

  2. Pool liquidity is more than $10k

We recommend contacting [email protected] for assistance in creating new Pools.

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