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How to stake your SOLX

What is staking?

Staking is a process where you earn rewards for holding your crypto coins for a certain period in a crypto wallet.

How to stake SOLX

Alfprotocol developed and launched its own Staking solution that lets other Solana-based projects like SOLX launch their staking pools in a simple and secure way.
Follow these simple steps to stake your SOLX in Alfprotocol staking pools:

Step 1

Here you can see SOLX two staking pools with different staking periods and APRs.
You have:
180 days lockup period - 110% APR
90 days lockup period - 70% APR
This means you get 110% APR if you lock up your SOLX for 180 days, and 70% APR for a 90 days lock-up period.

Step 2

Click the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner of the dApp.
Wallet Connection PopUp
You will see the popup with all available and compatible Solana wallets. Choose the one you have, and connect it to the dApp by approving the connection.

Step 3

Click on the Stake button
Staking popup interface
Here, you will have to enter the Stake amount and confirm the transaction by clicking the Stake button.
If you don't have any SOLX tokens in your wallet, you won't see a Stake button! Go to Soldex Swap and swap any available token to SOLX. Or you can send SOLX to your wallet through exchanges like Atrix, Hoo, and MEXC Global.

Step 4

Collect rewards
After staking, you will see the staked balance and pending rewards:
Your pending rewards will be accumulated automatically. You will be able to claim your staked balance + all pending rewards at the end of the staking period by clicking the View button and Claim Rewards.
To stake your SOLX and get token rewards, please visit: