Soldex Docs


Soldex farming program id EzJ5iZAgx6Sc4C2z7npsy7i6ctZ75JuLqEa1chgGnpXm
Farm code is a brand new code developed by the Soldex team from scratch. It uses Anchor under the hood as a most advanced tool to develop programs in Solana blockchain.

How to farm on Soldex

At first, you need to provide liquidity on Soldex, please follow these instructions. Once you have provided liquidity, you receive LP tokens. Then please follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Once your wallet is connected, you’ll see the active and inactive farming programs where you can stake your LP tokens: SOLX/USDC and SOLX/SOL. You’ll also see the amount of liquidity already provided and the APR%.
Soldex Protocol supports 2 types of farmings:
  • Single farm - rewards paid in one token, for example in SOLX
  • Doubles - rewards paid in two different tokens, for example in SOLX and USDC

Step 2

To add LP tokens to the farm simply press 'STAKE' button
Input amount of LP tokens and press 'Stake LP'

Step 3

Harvest rewards any time. It's simple, you just need to press 'Harvest' button and confirm the transaction.
Soldex Farm is undergoing an audit by the industry leaders and the reports will be shared upon completion.