Soldex Docs


The Soldex Swap code uses the Solana Constant Product curve protocol available with commit hash 8fbb54b developed by the Solana team. Constant Product pools version 3613cea3c was audited by crypto-security firm Kudelski. Soldex deployment uses the commit hash: 8fbb54b which is the last version available from the Solana team's token-swap program at the time of deployment.
However, when we develop and release the Dual Rewards Farming functionality on the Solana mainnet, we’ll perform an additional audit specifically for the Soldex protocol.
The Soldex web client and backend cache service have not been formally audited, but it has been reviewed by experienced crypto security engineers. Backend service is used to cache asset prices. Soldex uses asset prices from such oracles: as Coingecko, (Pyth, and Chainlink in future releases).